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Hey everyone. First off, my thanks to everyone who does check out my stuff and enjoys it. Getting people to look at stuff is hard, so, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

That said, I am unfortunately not doing any updates for the month of November as I have other work that MUST be done for the sake of the almighty dollar. And generally, just need to do some cleaning up.

Assuming things go well, will be back next month with money in hand and offerings for sale.

Do not let others control your path.
Do not let them sway you from success.
Do not lose to yourself.
Be thankful for what you have
Constantly strive for a better tomorrow.
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Determinator Doll S.E.L.A.

Nellyn, pervert and mad scientist, hunched at the computer, typing with furious speed, her blue tentacles out and wriggling with arousal despite the trouble she was in.

You knew she was a scientist because she was wearing a stained white lab coat. She was also working with a time machine, which gives you pretty solid credit for SCIENCE.

You knew that she was a pervert because the lab coat was the only thing she was wearing, her tentacles rubbing against it and dripping more stains. She was also Mui's girlfriend, so you know she had to have some kind of kinky streak in there for sure.

You knew she was mad, because despite being an adult elf, she had her hair tied in an excessive number of pigtails. The fact that she was sending a sexdoll back in time to save the world didn't help her case any.

You knew she was in trouble because of the orgy a thousand voices orgasming in unison on the otherside of the metal blast doors. Despite their cries of pleasure and slaps and squirms of sex, they were pretty insistent on getting in.

The fact that Nellyn had to start over and do the time warp again thanks to a power failure didn't make things better.

Nor did the pyschic, siren call of Kraken and the inkubus tugging at her thoughts, trying to jerk out her brains through her tentacles.

But obsession has a power all its own, and Nellyn finished the calculations. Slamming the confrimation, the last elf on Ether was rewarded by an electric hum as the chamber on the other side of the glass came to life.

Through cracked glasses, Nellyn fixed her eyes on her creation, the sexdoll standing at attention, emotionless and awaiting orders.

"SELA!" Nellyn pressed against the glass. "This future CAN. NOT. HAPPEN."
The doors caved in, crushed under the weight of sex, and a wave of inkubus and krakenspawn poured in like a writhing tidal wave.

"Yes Mistress. I obey." Seladoll replied, but it was already too late, and she watched impassively as her creator was pinned against the glass, face contorting into ecstacy as swarms of tentacles violated every orifice.

Then the chamber flashed with brillant light, and Seladoll was gone.

That flash of light reappeared three years in the past, and Seladoll stood naked in a small crater in a park. It was night, and the light of the moon Argyria made Seladoll's latex skin shine with ethereal luster.

For a moment, the sexdoll stood still, calculating the best way to fullfil Mistress's orders. Her perameters. The knowledge of the future and temporality given to her by Mistress Nellyn. The orders she was given.

Process completed, Seladoll turned in place and made her way through the night.
She swayed with programmed sensuality.

Her phallus was on stand-by.

Her eyes were empty and soulless, as Mistress wished to see when Seladoll was between her legs.

Her blue heels clicked with unfaltering purpose, filled with determination.
It was an unfortunately short time when Seladoll's progress was halted as a brown-haired, freckled police-elf blocked her path forward.

"Hey you! Don't you know better than to ignore an officer calling out to you?"
Seladoll was silent as she processed this. There had been the repeating sound of an elven voice, but as it had nothing to do with her orders, she had ignored it.  

Seladoll smiled and tiled her head slightly as she went through her preprogrammed response, staring down at the elf that stood about a head shorter than her.  

"Hello. I am S.E.L.A. The Slutty Erotic Latex Accessory Doll #00000. I am currently acting on priority one orders of my Mistress, which I cannot allow to be obstructed under any circumstances. I will be happy to serve you after my orders have been completed. Until then, please do not attempt to hinder or detain me any further. Or else."

"Oi! First off, I don't care what kind of kinky stuff you're into or what, is that body paint? You've got on your body. You don't go wandering around at night with no clothes on, and you for sure don't threaten a police officer!"

Seladoll was briefly silent, while Regu, the police elf, was clearly becoming more agitated.

"As a sexdoll, I do not require clothes, but you are stating that my path will be less obstructed by wearing them, correct?"

"...Are you for real right now? Yeah, I think you're gonna have problems walking around naked, wiseass. Now come on, you're coming with-"

"Solution. You will give your clothes to me."

"OI! Don't order aaaaaaaaa mphgh!"

Casually, Seladoll reached out her pale hands and grabbed Regu's head, pulling her close and embracing her, forcing the elf's open mouth down onto a blue nipple.

Warm liquid gushed into Regu's mouth, numbing everything it touched. While some spilled back out onto Seladoll's breast and dribbled to the floor, the sudden gush of liquid made Regu swallow involutarily, the warmth spreading through her.

A second shot, and her brain was numb, wrapped in wamrth. Her whole body was heavy, and the only thing she felt was her tentacles out and wriggling like they'd been stung.
Regu's eyes slipped shut as she suckled Seladoll's breast, unaware of her hanging arms or the mess on her face. It felt like the times she drank and fucked herself, thinking of Lena.

Seladoll blushed latex blue, the nanites in her latex skin thrumming with their intended purpose, phallus erect. She pulled Regu away, who looked at her with hazy, half-lidded eyes, swaying as she tried to stand while Seladoll sized her up, calculating.
"Give me your coat. And your hat."

Regu blinked and nodded, mumbling an affirmative with a numb tongue, drooling as she did.
In a short time, it was done, and Seladoll wore an officer's cap on her head, and a slightly too small coat while Regu was in tank top and pants. She was drooling on her shirt, her nipples poking through, and her tentacles were bulging under her pants, stroking her thighs and seeking freedom.

"I must go to the home of Mui Mistbreeze and Lena Mistbreeze. You will come with me."
Regu blinked again, tentacles wiggling with sudden interest. "...Leh...Leh-nah?...ohkhay..."

With that, Seladoll took the entranced officer by the hand, and lead the way, guided by her mission.
Determinator Doll S.E.L.A.
Hey folks, sorry this update is so late. Halloween week I ended up writing some private stuff and otherwise having a bit of a rough time. So here's something I worked on for sleepymaid and decided to share this silly take on the terminator.

Will be returning next month.
Wall Watchers - Shadow Watchers by doomedfool
Wall Watchers - Shadow Watchers
Above: Original Sketchwork done by sleepymaid. Below: Lore.

Wall Watchers that come from Yomi, the land of darkness, which is shaped by the deep and hidden desires of mankind. These elemental shadows, also called Black Watchers, Shadow Watchers, and Hands of Yomi, claim lightless places as their territory and guard them jealously. The Black Watchers feed on the strong emotions of those they capture before casting them out of their territory, and delight in frightening their prey. They generally stalk their victims, working towards them until they can reach out and embrace their terrified prey, dragging them into darkness.

At rest in our world, the Hands of Yomi appear as pools of shadow on the ground. In total, a Shadow Watcher is composed of three main parts. In the above image, the pool of shadow the creature rises from can be thought of as the mouth. Anything drawn in will be taken into a separate dimension, which is actually the creature's body. This space is an absolute territory, and once caught, most victims will be unable to escape until the watcher is finished with them, keeping them until they no longer give an emotional response, usually due to passing out. These strange bodies also allow them to meld with shadows, appearing from another shadow within their domain. It can carry a victim caught in its body the same way, and uses this power to eject prey from its territory once finished with them.

To help it capture intruders, the Black Watcher can project a solid shadow that can interact with material creatures, filling the same role as the long and sudden tongue of a frog. While Shadow Watchers can shape this shadow freely, their forms always fixate on hands made for grasping and snatching, and many times they will only extend their "arms" rather than a full humanoid form. Generally this solid shadow has a yielding, gel-like consistency, but the hands, which are focused the most on interacting with the world, are solid enough to be struck and harm the creature.

Shadow Watchers also use their shadows to help perceive the material world. In their resting state, Black Watchers can only sense areas infused with the aura of Yomi <see below on conjuring>, and detect creatures by their emotions and desires. Beings that do not feel or desire, like golems, or those with strong control over their emotions, are nearly invisible to the resting watcher. When it projects its shadow however, it can manifest glowing, eye-like markings which allow it to perceive the physical world. This is dangerous for intruders, but can make the watcher vulnerable as well, as they frequently display these marks on their hands, making them even more vulnerable.

Between the creature's feeding on emotional excess and its extra-dimension body, the Hands of Yomi can have severe effects on one's mental health. While blacking out is a means of mental defense, victims will still be mentally exhausted and tainted by the aura of Yomi. Even if the victim is emotionally numbed, the taint of Yomi acts to highlight repeat intruders to the watcher by stimulating their dark, repressed desires, effects which can compound to drive one insane.

The taint of Yomi can be cleansed. However, if one fails to do so, and is caught repeatedly by the Black Watcher, the victim will become more tainted as the watcher feeds on them until the victim feels only the taint of Yomi. The watcher will claim the victim as property, and turn them into a slave of Yomi. These beings are coated in glossy, rubber-like blackness, and nearly featureless, with drone-like intelligence. They shuffle towards near-by sounds, moaning with the desire of Yomi, seeking to embrace others, and otherwise are still, lost in their corruption. Black Watchers leave them in their territory to further provoke and hinder intruders, and as playthings. 

Conjuring Shadow Watchers and weaknesses

While the Hands of Yomi are fearsome, they cannot appear in the normal, physical world. Made of shadows and dark dreams, they cannot appear in the normal physical world. They must be anchored to reality using an enchanted vessel, which must follow certain rules.
The vessel must be a container, which can be opened and closed, with hollow space inside, such as a box, chest, or vase. In addition the vessel must be completely dark inside when closed, and kept in a place where the spirit can travel to and from without any special power, even if that path is smaller than a mouse hole. Finally, the vessel must bear certain runes and markings. They can be carved, drawn, painted, or marked in any other way, but they must exist. These markings are:

-The Mark of Yomi: This brand allows the magic of Yomi to mingle with the mortal world in the form of an aura of darkness and unreality. If the physical world is the land of day, and Yomi is the land of night, then the mark of Yomi creates an area of dusk or twilight where the two mingle. The watcher will only be able to exist in this area around the vessel, and will disappear if it leaves.

-The Glyph of Dominion: This marking denotes the conjurer as the spirit's master, and the area it guards as belonging to the magician. This ensures that the watcher will not act against the summoner.

-The Rune of Subjugation: This rune grants the spirit a name to be called by, making it submissive and obedient to the summoner. It will be able to understand the summoner and will do what he or she wishes.

-Circle of Restraint: This set of circle runes encloses the others, controlling them and anchoring them to the vessel. It confines the aura of Yomi to prevent it from growing out of control, prevents the watcher from leaving the area, and binds the spirit to the vessel to anchor it to the physical world.

Care must be taken with the Black Watchers. While powerful, they do possess weaknesses. Magic that affects ghosts or spirits will work on these watchers. Normal weapons can be used when the creature reaches out to attack, as noted earlier. If light is allowed inside the vessel, the binding magic will be broken, same if the vessel is damaged or destroyed. Finally, in the same way that humans are uneasy or frightened of darkness, the Hands of Yomi are afraid of light. While the dim light of torches or eerie fires does not bother them, they retreat from bright lights, usually running away to hide in their vessels. If completely surrounded in light, they will freeze in place and shrink down to nearly nothing and faint, banishing them back to Yomi.

It is also worth noting that due to their strange bodies, Shadow Watchers have very little experience with gravity, and find it unsettling. They greatly prefer staying flat against a solid surface, especially the floor. If they fall down from a high place or become air born, they generally become withdrawn for a period, like a frightened person seeking to catch their breath.


WOOO Finally got that stuff written out. Was working on this longer than I should have. I knew most of what I wanted to put down, but talking about weird extra-dimension creatures is HARD. Anyway, the art is by sleepymaid, and this is my take/adaptation of windwaker-style floor masters. And yes, worth noting that while they like scaring people, they in general love "emotional excess" so they have some flexible play as well ;)
Wall Watchers - Overview

A class of elemental spirit. While this group includes members with wildly different types, they share similar habits and abilities. As a group, they are very territorial and possessive spirits that jealously guard the area they believe to be theirs. Besides this, they are also generalized with abilities to incapacitate trespassers, and move both themselves and victims freely through their territory. They use these powers to hunt and ambush intruders, capturing them and removing them from their territory.

Due to these abilities and habits, Wall Watchers are useful as guardians, especially in dungeons and labyrinths, giving them their name. Magicians with the means can conjure Wall Watchers to ward off thieves and other unwanted visitors. Unlike golems, which are regularly slow and lacking any will of their own, Wall Watchers possess the patience of constructs with the active hunting instinct of guard-animals, making them superior guardians, if one can look past their behavoiral quirks.

That said, it is noted that while Wall Watchers excel when guarding a place or area, their general habits and the means needed to conjure them to the material plane make them ill-suited for open combat or most other aggressive actions. They are ambush hunters, and the vast majority of Wall Watchers will stubbornly use the same attack or trick even when it no longer has any chance of success, and most require a form of anchoring to prevent them from running wild into the world.

Wall Watcher  - Earth Elemental

These qualities can all be readily observed in the creatures originally dubbed Wall Watchers by adventurers. Also called Dungeon watchers or Stone Watchers, they are earth spirits conjured into a statue prepared with runes and glyphs, which serves as their body on the material plane.

They are famous for their ability to meld with and travel freely through earth and stone as easily as a human walks through open air, and have the ability to transport others in their embrace without harm. In addition to this, these Wall Watchers possess a magical touch that paralyzes its victims, rendering them helpless and causing them to black out. As they have bodies made of stone, these Wall Watchers cannot speak or see normally.They primarily see by sensing vibrations through earth and stone, detecting intruders as they move across the ground. Generally, they require no sustinance besides contact with the ground.

The Wall Watcher utilizes these abilities when dealing with intruders. A watcher at rest appears no different from a statue, completely still. When they detect intruders via vibrations, they travel through stone towards them. They then stalk the trespasser from overhead, often seeking to cast a shadow on their victim until the moment comes, and the Wall Watcher drops from the ceiling onto their prey, pinning them down and using their paralyzing touch to render foes completely helpless.

It is at this point that the spirit's unusual behavior makes itself apparent. Wall Watchers do not willfully harm intruders, instead carrying them away. Victims typically awaken outside the dungeon they were exploring. Though they are unable to clearly recall what happened to them after ambush, they are generally unharmed.

However, Wall Watchers are mischevious, a fact demonstrated in the muddled memories and disheveled state of victims. Victims report missing items or being left in various states of undress, and while unable to recall clear details, many report vauge recollections of being touched repeatedly or sensations of pleasure, and victims sometimes find that attempting to recall causes a physical response from their bodies.

Study into this has revealed that Wall Watchers do play with or tease their captives before releasing them, as something they appear to find enjoyment or entertainment in. In addition, the paralyzing touch of the Wall Watcher also marks the victim with magic. On its own, this mark fades away without effect over time. However, if the victim is caught repeatedly in a short time, the magic builds up, and the Wall Watcher will see them as part of its territory, rather than an intruder. When this happens, the Wall Watcher will carry them away and use the built up magic in the victim's body to turn them to stone.
The means to counter and combat these creatures is tied to their creation. As previously stated, Wall Watchers inhabit statues specially marked with runes and glyphs. While the magician can inscribe additional glyphs to empower the watcher further, there are two key runes that all Wall Watchers require.

The main rune which allows the elemental spirit to inhabit the statue and move through stone is large, and found on the back. Touching or striking this area can make the spirit lose control of its body, immobilizing it, and severe damage to this mark can cut the connection between the spirit and its statue body, forcing it to return from whence it came. If one stays alert and notices the creature before it launches its ambush, then it is possible to evade and get behind it to land an attack.

The other main rune common to Wall Watchers is found on its hands, and is used to channel its paralyzing touch. As creatures with stone bodies, Wall Watchers are generally tough, taking little damage and feeling no pain. However, these runes, used to channel magic, makes the hands of the Dungeon Watcher sensitive, with feelings similar to, or even greater than a human hand. If one manages to strike the hands of a Wall Watcher, the creature will retreat from the strong sensations and loss of its paralysis attack.

The final note for the conjuring and counter measures against the Wall Watcher is the anchor, a marked object, usually a pedestal. The pedestal is engraved and enchanted as part of the conjuring to ensure it stays in the area the magician wishes to have protected. In addition, these pedestals are frequently further enchanted so that if the Wall Watcher does take damage, it can retreat to its pedestal to quickly regenerate. Defacing this anchor can cut off support to the Wall Watcher. However, it also frees the creature to travel as it wishes, and there are stories of Wall Watchers which leave the dungeons they once guarded to pursue the ones that freed them.
Wall Watchers
So, this is a concept that I've been sitting on for a very long time, which I finally worked out to a point where I'm happy to post and share it.

Basically, welcome to Wallmasters, monster girl edition :P. I have several different types lined up, which I will work on getting out in the near future, with some art to go with them! I don't have any art for this variety, which I feel is the core creature, so I included a general overview of the creatures as a group.

Anyway, these kinds of entries about fun monster creations and other such things is something I want to do for the halloween season, and I'm happy that I was able to get something out there, and look forward to doing more stuff I can enjoy with it.
Anaboko-hebi <Hollow-Snake>

Also called Ana-hebi<hole-snake>. A form of snake spirit that seeks to possess people with unresolved desires. They enter the human body through a wound or orifice, like the mouth of a sleeping person, and make a nest in the gap or hollow of the victim's heart. Those possessed by Ana-hebi are Medusa, beings with snakes for hair which are used to feed on life energy and propagate the anaboko-hebi.  

The first major division of Anaboko-hemi is between wild and tamed spirits. The wild Ana-hebi will seek out those with strong, hidden desires like grudges or unspoken love, to feed and warm themselves on the energy given off by the person's soul. While they will possess anyone, they favor women.

They will whisper to the victim in voices only they can hear, and influence their dreams. The one possessed will be imbued with the snake's hunger for meat that grows into a desire to swallow living prey, and their hair will turn into living serpents. The spirit seeks to break down the victim's reason by inflaming their desire until the victim becomes Medusa in will and soul, able to spawn new ana-hebi. The Medusa made by wild Anaboko-hebi this way dwell in lonely places as monsters, seducing and devouring travelers as they wander desolate moors.

While Anaboko-hebi do exist wild, they can also be tamed, becoming familiar spirits similar to kitsune and inugami. The sorcerer provides shelter to the spirit, along with daily meals and attention. In exchange, the anaboko-hebi serves the magician with its powers. The magician may send the spirit to possess his enemies to torment them or learn their evil desires. Alternatively, the magician can take the spirit into themselves, becoming a Medusa without being driven to madness or despair, using the ability to drain life from others to remain healthy and youthful, or learn the secret of magic spells from the anaboko-hebi's whispers.

When a magician chooses to become a Medusa, all their descendants will also bear snake spirits inside them, allowing Medusa to breed true, ana-hebi and host in harmony.

It is worth noting that ana-hebi are friendly to the snakekin known as lamia or naga, rarely attacking them and frequently being tamed by them. Lamia place no stigma on becoming Medusa, and respect them. While uncommon, they are frequent enough that they often form the first impression of the Medusa.
Anaboko-hebi and Medusa
Alright. Sorry the update is late. This is something I've been working on for a bit, inspired by the anime GATE and its brief touch on Medusa as their own humanoid species that used their snake-hair to drain life energy.

I contemplated how such a creature came about, and during my research ended up crafting a snake yōkai which could also fill a similar role as the kitsune and inugami in the area of japanese sorcery and witchcraft. Thus, the Hollow-Snake was born. Alternately, Ana-hebi, my original, shorter name, can be "hole-snake" or "Orifice-snake"

It took me a long time to nail down just what kinds of abilities I wanted it to have, and then organizing the information to tell it how I wanted was really tough, which is why this is late as it is. While I didn't go into full detail in the entry as I wanted to stay simple, I drew multiple inspirations, including the previously mentioned kitsune and inugami, along with concepts of old-school succubus and incubus regarding tainted breeding and concepts like sleep paralysis.

There's a wide range of play here from horrific to very pervy, but I feel good about the concept, and made something that's a bit open-ended but not too overpowered.

Next entry will come much sooner. Actually have some pictures!


United States
Current Residence: Ocala, FL
Favourite genre of music: progressive rock/metal, but I'm really appreciate everything except rap and country
Favourite photographer: I don't follow photography
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Hey everyone. First off, my thanks to everyone who does check out my stuff and enjoys it. Getting people to look at stuff is hard, so, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

That said, I am unfortunately not doing any updates for the month of November as I have other work that MUST be done for the sake of the almighty dollar. And generally, just need to do some cleaning up.

Assuming things go well, will be back next month with money in hand and offerings for sale.

Do not let others control your path.
Do not let them sway you from success.
Do not lose to yourself.
Be thankful for what you have
Constantly strive for a better tomorrow.
  • Mood: Depressed
  • Listening to: Silence
  • Drinking: Juice

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