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Kraken: Dungeon of the Abyss - Lore

Long has Kraken dwelled in the hidden thoughts and fevered whispers of our world. A great being from beyond the world we know, He exists not only in our world of sight and sound, but in the dimension of the mind. When we elves were only crawling children he decended from the outer darkness, sinking down to dwell in the abyssal depths at the heart of the world. There, he slumbered. And there, he dreamed. But it is the way of Kraken and his kin, to dream grand dreams that encompass all the earth and sea and sky, and infect all with their desire, shape all to their sleeping wishes slowly, endless and inevitable. And at last, the time will come when Kraken will awaken, and all will belong to Him, body, mind, and soul.

In the deep wilderness, the earth has opened, and the ancient ruins of Kraken stand, beckoning. Some come to purify corruption. Some to hunt grand beasts. Some seek fabled wealth in hidden depths, others glory, while some seek ancient secrets, or dark powers. You stand among them. How will you fare in the Dungeon of the Abyss?
Kraken: Dungeon of the Abyss - Lore
A touch of lore for Kraken Dugeon, similar to what you might see at the start of the game.

A Translation of how Kraken operates:
-Basically, Kraken is part of a race of psychic squid aliens that follows a pattern similar to Lavos of Chrono Trigger. They fall down to a planet and get nice and comfortable down at the core. Kraken, however, exists in psychic dimensions and dreams as well, like a lovecraftian Elder God. So Kraken have a strong desire while they slumber, and that desire manifests in the world and the creatures that live in it. So if there was a Kraken obsessed with maids, then that world would become a world that revolved around maids. If that Kraken was obsessed with hypnosis and mind control, then it would be rampant in the world.

In this way, I explain the Squid Ops world and its MC focus, how the animals are all sea creatures and squid and the like, and how the elves would also have tentacles. And what the Kraken would feed on is psychic, emotional energy, which is why cultists and those that are corrupted by Kraken become monsters without restraint or that discard reason, lustful and aching with desire, feeding Kraken their souls. For this reason, Kraken in the Squid Ops world can be called Lord Kraken, Lord of hidden desires, and can probably be thought of as The Squid Ops version of the Devil, though much more chill and squishy :P.

Kraken Dungeon - Engineer

The thirst for knowledge and creation belongs to those that think. In Nimbus, the freedom to think is found outside the reach of the mistresses. There are many such places, and perhaps it is ironic that one of the most frequent is the ruins of abandoned city-states. Lost by a careless mistress, strife with a neighbor, or occasional mysteries linked to the deeps, these places become ghost towns and often dumping grounds for broken machines. It is in these mechanical graveyards that budding Engineers tinker, refine, and conduct their experiments. Some serve the mistresses, maintaining their freedom by virtue of brilliance. Some are rebels and seek to tear down and build again. While others care for nothing but the craft itself, and give themselves over as architects of mechanical wonders.

The Nimbian Engineer’s greatest tool is her intelligence, for it is from her mind that all her creations spring. While she may delight in experimentation, an Engineer is well-versed in solving practical problems, whether eluding authority, dispatching beasts or navigating treacherous landscapes. Sometimes that may be a gun. Sometimes, it’s a flamethrower, other times, it is a mechanical companion with hypnotic wave-beams. And sometimes, it’s more gun and a bigger boom.

Engineers that apply themselves to constructing weapons and other nifty devices are known as Artillery. Where a pirate might use a gun, a stungun, and a firebomb, an Artillery will use heavy ordinance, construct their own lightning gun, and burn out corruption with a flamethrower. Their hypnotic whirl-launcher can knock out enemies, and lay mines and other traps for the denizens of the abyss.

Some other Engineers take the principles of automation to heart. Why do something herself when a machine can be made to do it for her? These Architects devote themselves to the study of robotics and have learned to cobble together mechanical helpers to travel with and serve their creator. Turrets to defend, companions to heal, really annoyingly loud decoys to lead enemies astray, and drones to fight.

Engineer Traits
• Fragile with lower hp. Care must be taken
• High damage ranged blaster with elemental attacks
• Traps and turrets create zones of defense
• Robotic allies fight or provide aid in an area
• Craft your path to victory
• Nimbus special: Salvage. Scraps and raw materials can be made useful
• Engineer special: Master of the Craft. Materials can be used for drone parts. Can craft majority of items.
Kraken Dungeon - Engineer
And our last class in this entry, the Nimbian Engineer


As stated in the pirate entry, all the nimbus classes are inspired by Sela. one of the concepts that sleepymaid came up with for a seperate thing was sela as a young engineer who was responsible for making another of the cast as a kind of bio-robot, and who was turned into the Sela that we know due to an experiment gone awry. clones got involved and it was quite something, and sparked on an idea that I'm sure Sleepy still wants to revisit sometime.

That aside, I always knew the engineer was going to get robots, because little robots fighter-helpers are great. Though at one point they were also going to have the option of instead working towards power armor or the like, but I was inspired by Lucca of Chrono Trigger and molded the artillery class, which references her flamethrower, hypnowave, and various bombs. As a different style of elemental mage, I'm pleased with it. And of course I drew on the Engineer from Team Fortress 2 both in Engineer designs as well as writing the entry. I actually wanted to come up with a different name for the class but ultimately just decided to call it what it was. 
Kraken Dungeon - Pirate

It has been said that science and progress are always marching on, and on the shores of Nimbus, they have marched towards inevitability. The sky is always gray over the Nimbian city-states where the mistresses rule with technology that shackles free will. But even in these silent lands of decadent leaders, life persists, and aches for freedom. For the technology that silences the mind of a Nimbian drone requires as much energy as a tyrant does to silence dissent, and few things are as fragile as silence. The young, the mishandled, the lucky and those abandoned by their mistress find the long smothered desire for freedom and rebellion surging to life. Some, yearning for the world and unable to accept any new rule of law, become Pirates, rogues as free as the winds they sail.

Thief, knave, and jack of all trades, the Pirate is a rogue through and through, combining Nimbian technology with well-practiced foul play and tactics a more foolish fighter would call dirty. The Pirate however has learned long ago that shooting first often means much less trouble later, while saving a nice sharp blade for unpleasant surprises. Well versed in sneaking, shooting, dodging and stabbing, they slip traps, grab what they came for, and don’t give their foes a chance to fight if they can help it.

The Corsair is the Pirate who appreciates combat for the no-holds barred brawl that it is, and the understanding that the first rule of combat is to shoot the other sap before they can do the same. To that purpose, they devote themselves to their guns and marksmanship first and foremost, because it’s much easier than sword fighting and less tiring than having to run away. But sometimes that doesn’t work out, and you make do with what you have. If that’s a sword or an axe or even a particularly heavy rock.

Bounty Hunters are those that incorporate more Nimbian technology into their battles, often serving as crook-catchers and exterminators. They often have certain high-tech suits from their homeland that incorporates their arsenal. Smoke grenades to blind enemies, a high-volt stungun to shock and paralyze. And while they may not neglect their gun or blade, sometimes you just can’t beat a firebomb.

Pirate Traits
• Flexible and agile combatants and rogues, good for beginners
• Can use many weapons effectively
• Able to steal, and good with traps
• Start with a gun
• Use gadgets and dirty fighting to get ahead.
• Nimbian Special: Salvage. Abandoned scraps and raw materials can be made useful
• Pirate Special: The nails too. Find more loot.
Kraken Dungeon - Pirate
The Nimbian Pirate

Fun Fact: All the ideas for Nimbus Classes were inspired by Sela, who sleepymaid loves putting in various positions. Pirate-Sela was originally born of a story-plot involving an alien I believe. Had a nice latex bandana :3. Originally each race was going to have 3 classes with a more focused role but I decided to focus on two classes and giving them more range within a class in the Etrian Odyssey style. When you only have one path it can feel like being on rails and the interest fades. The third class for Nimbus was going to be the Operative, like a programmed, latex-wearing kidnapper and enforcer.

As for pirates, I always knew they would be rogues and get access to guns, which naturally are some of the stronger ranged weapons in the game. It wasn't until this past week though that I was able to hit upon the bounty hunter concept as a way to give the pirate some extra dirty tricks and a touch of elemental damage. Nimbian tech and focus on latex and tight suits must have mixed with Regretroid and after far too long, the idea of suit-wearing bounty hunters took route. Plus, the image of cute squids glomping on people's heads metroid style was something sleepy had drawn before and which remains silly and cute.


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I have now returned from my trip with all the present fruits of my work now on display. With this, I'm happy to to be able to show off this little project that has been preoccupying my attention for the last several months, Kraken: Dungeon of the Abyss.

I'll post a bit more detail about the classes and some thought processes in their artist comments. I may also post some other bits of information such as some bestiary entries or stratum teasers, though those are not currently written up in the same fashion. I just wanted to get them all up now that I've returned, despite being a bit tired.

Those looking for something a bit more saucy can check over on the hub where I posted my entry for their contest on sunday night.

For now, I shall unwind, unpack, and see about taking care of a few matters with the last of my time off.

Small Update: Wanted to just share my pleasure. Even before I got this journal up, had four different deviants favorite four different classes. Feels like I did something right ^o^
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